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The Bell Tower {5}
       My eyes met eyes, blue tint, clear, with that sight I stumbled back, getting a better picture of what I was staring at. If I wasn't so skeptical, I would say it was a ghost, but being hard headed, I pushed her for questions.
       "Now who am I talking to?" I inquired.
       "I don't know, I just know that you are in possession of my ring." Respond the figure, "But I can say a whisper, an echo after death." She explained further.
       The ring, the one I took off the body. After having this realization, I started to lose my grip on reality, but I held on and shook it off. Since the world has lost its mind, maybe this "whisper" will be great help. I wince my eyes, rubbing them.
       "So, I guess I'll call you whisper" I said with a serious tone.
       "I guess you will, croaker, right?" Her voice with a undertone of wind, she really is a whisper.
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The Bell Tower {4} :iconuncaught-exception:Uncaught-Exception 1 2
The Bell Tower {3}
       It did not take me long to dash towards my car and slam the door shut, and reach for my side arm. Damn, the bell rang once more and the screaming stopped, but shapes moved in the fog and the sound of flesh ripping, bone cracking, and dripping. Made me almost throw up in my mouth. Without another word, I slammed the key into the ignition and turned, the engine roaring, but overpowered by another ring. I slammed on the gas and drove out of the area, towards to station.
       When I arrived, the I could see from the window that's facing the parking lot, that chaos has taken over the station. I slammed the door open and stepped out, breathing in the air, it smelt of iron. Perfect, I mused, before walking towards the entrance of the station, pushing the door open and stepping into the lobby.
       Cold air, fresh air, the AC unit still up and running. That's what I needed, because the time it took for me to get here allowe
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The Bell Tower {2}
       The dossier gave all the info I needed, I closed it and slipped it into my coat. I reached for my suitcase before feeling dread, deep dread, I was right, this is going to be a long night. After signing out, I left the building, rain covering every inch of the road and shining in the street lights. As I slammed the door to my car, something in the bushes moved, thinking it off as a cat, I turn the ignition and drive off into the night.
       An hour later I reached the site, blood everywhere, police every corner. It is quite obvious that this is linked to the other murders, no weapon can be identified, as I flipped through the dossier trying to find anything, no suspects, no witnesses, like everything that could help us disappeared. I exited my car and looked around for something, there was a black splotch all over one of the walls, and a few words in chalk, "feed", I wrote that down and added it to the dossier.
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The Bell Tower {1}
  My names detective James Croaker, and I live in the town of Belther Isle. Recently there's been reports of murders, sightings of occult activity, and some people quoting old authors from Lovecraft to Poe. Sometimes I think the world has lost its mind. My suspicions of what I said about the world have been confirmed when a dossier was slammed on my desk at 10:34 PM.
   "Croaker, another murder on Odder Lane, we know you don't want to investigate cases relating to the other occult murders, since you said yourself, "It's all bullshit", but we are stretched thin to the point where we had to assigned the newest coffee bringer to these cases, but don't worry, you only have to work on this one case.", explained Chief Clance Sod.
   "I've already told you guys that I'm not believing one word of this, find some on-", As I was exclaiming before being interrupted by Sod.
   "This is an order James, you better do this case or otherwise you'll b
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